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October 4th, 2007, 23:37
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Even then it doesn't mean that all muslims are against freedom of speech and that is how some people portray them. Some portray all muslims as terrorists. I've even talked to people in England who said that if they see someone wearing the long dresses muslim men sometimes tend to wear and they also carry a backpack and they go to the metro (tube in London), that they feel threatened by it. Also that they see some other people move away from that muslim guy.
Every other person with a backpack is normal except for the muslim one.
Yes, a lot of people protested against it and I understand that it isn't normal to call for a ban on freedom of speech, but then they have the right to express their opinions freely too.
"Terrorists" is a rather American expression. I doubt many here would call muslims terrorists, to us they are just muslims. But there is a line between announcing that you belong to the religion and being a hardcore believer in the holy scripture. Moderates that just call themselves "muslims" are not neccessary bad, but the fundies are creepy.

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If you feel offended by something, you have the right to respond to it and even ask for an apology. Asking for a change of constitution or other laws is a bit too much though.
That's pretty much what can be said on the subject. The controversy were way out of line and should by healthy circumstances not have been that great, and that was exactly what the cartoonist wanted to show.
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