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October 5th, 2007, 16:35
Giuliani (expected) first with a whooping 25, followed by Kucinich (who I know and dislike) at 21. I think the low scores come from me giving a lot of issues low weight.

Using more binary weights to the issues I got Giuliani 35, McCain 28, Biden and Kucinich 27. Funnily enough I only agree with McCain on four issues, but those were 4 out of the 5 ones that I gave max weight (taxes, gay marriage, not sponsoring the waste of corn that is bio-diesel, and privatising social security).

As a Liberal (Libertarian to Americans) I found that there was no agreeable option on some of the issues (Iraq and Immigration). Is it so suicidal for a politician to be against wasting money on border security today?

And what's the line-item thingamajing? A partial veto sounds like a bad idea, but there must be more to the issue than that…
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