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October 5th, 2007, 20:03
When I first took the survey, I answered it as if I was an American — that is, I picked the answers that I thought would be the best for America.

For kicks, I tried the opposite — I picked the answers that I believe would be bad for America: how I would vote if I wanted to screw up the place.

It was interesting to notice that my anti-American least favorites were not my pro-American most favorites.

So, here's my take on Osama's favorite candidates:

(1) Duncan Hunter (score: 42)
(2) Fred Thompson (score: 42)
(3) Jim Gilmore (score: 41)

Bottom four (tied at 3 points each)
* Dennis Kucinich
* Chris Dodd
* John Edwards
* Bill Richardson

The major-headliners scored thus:
* Fred Thompson: 42
* John McCain: 35
* Ron Paul: 35
* Mitt Romney: 27
* Rudy Giuliani: 27
* Joe Biden: 10
* Barack Obama: 6
* Hillary Clinton: 6
* John Edwards: 3
* Dennis Kucinich: 3

So, the whimsical conclusion is that Osama endorses Fred Thompson, John McCain, and Ron Paul, and hates Obama, Clinton, Edwards, and Kucinich.

That would make him a Republican.
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