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Default An apology regarding a statement about Prime Junta

October 9th, 2007, 20:00
A while back I made the following statement regarding Prime Junta:
frequently and repeatedly wished DEATH on the country [USA] and its' citizens
This was referenced to a multiple-quote post that showed some strong anti-American feelings on his part. However, it did *not* support factually or in spirit the attack I directed against him.

I have since engaged in inappropriate personal attacks in heated debates in two other threads with him. In each of the three cases I have apologized for my behavior and action in the threads. However, this special case needs to be addressed due to the international nature of the forum.

This forum exists for the debate of ideas, and that is bound to become heated. The difficulty in heated debates is keeping things 'in bounds'. If you criticize a country that has forum members, using 'you guys' to describe the actions of the government is easily construed as an attack upon the citizenry and the individuals of the forum. It is then the responsibility of the individuals involved to own up to these situations. We have had them here - and on many occasions other than the few I was involved with. Some have owned up, others have not. That isn't my problem.

I acknowledge that I have an issue with some of Prime Junta's anti-American statements. That doesn't justify taking the separate effect of several posts and lumping into a gross characterization of the man as a whole. And for having done that I am profoundly sorry. I apologize if I have done something to besmirch his character on these forums, because despite disagreeing with him on many things, there are others I very much agree with - but as he said himself, having an 'I agree' session doesn't make for interesting discussion.

So in summary, I apologize to Prime Junta for my inaccurate and hurtful statements; I apologize to the members of these forums for my inappropriate behavior; and I apologize to the site owners for causing these problems.

— Mike
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