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October 9th, 2007, 23:54
As you say, Mike, you can't have debate and discussion if everyone is in agreement all the time. Neither can you learn another person's perspective or understand his/her worldview. When you care about something strongly, its not always easy to not take things personally. You don't need to be disappointed in yourself if you can accept the responsibility for your actions and remarks as you are doing here.

I think Prime Junta has done a pretty good job of keeping his cool for the most part, despite a few glaring slips, when you consider he's taken on his side of the debate pretty much solo, while the other side usually has several proponents all arguing against him simultaneously. He's saying things a lot of people don't want to hear, and whether he's right or wrong, you have to admire his ability to never back down from his personal beliefs. I personally, have learned things from his posts and point of view that I never would have without his input. It's unfortunate whenever personal attacks derail a heated discussion, but we're all human, and even I the great conciliator and Mistress of the Obvious have occasionally trolled out on people. Then you feel like a prize ass—or I do anyway.

Bottom line, it does take maturity to admit it when your tongue gets ahead of your brain, and I think the forums would be a poorer place indeed without any of the members of our crazed internet debate team.

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