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November 3rd, 2006, 18:35
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… Living in IL makes it tough to find people and places that are accepting of such a hobby but nevertheless itís still a blast..
Coming from Evanston myself, I understand that living in the greater Chicago urbansprawl could definitely put the lid on backyard practise, but it isn't much different here in what is perceived as redneckland(Oklahoma).
You can't just go outside and shoot—unless, of course you live in the country, outside city zoning limits like we do

My husband was into competetive shooting in the army(Viet Nam) but doesn't have time for it now, plus he says his eyes are no longer what they were, but I'm hoping when he finally retires he will be able to take it up on some level.

My own hobbies are a little more peaceful—reading and gardening, indoor and outdoor, roses orchids, perenniels—if it's green I grow it—unless of course it has green skin, in which case I fireball it

Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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