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Cool Writing and electric guitar (Black metal style! )

November 3rd, 2006, 18:45
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Writer by day and writer by night. I guess it is a blessing to be paid for doing the thing I enjoy the most. Beyond that, I am just an "old"school RPG nut, who has been captivated by the genre since I sat down with my Blue Book D&D rulebook on Xmas morning, trying desperately to get my brain around this strange activity called "role-playing."
Hello Lord Alex. We have some things in common. I know for a fact what blue book you're talking about : It's D&D's first edition Player's handbook, something around 1979 or so… I still have it somewhere and cherish it. It's in mint condition and that's the way I plan on keeping it. I have like 12 of them hard covered D&D 1st edition in a box.

Anyway, to keep on with the rest of the thread and by what we have in common is this : I'm an author, a novelist but not beeing paid for it. I am working on many novels, at least 5, for the time beeing. I have 8 in mind.

I'm slowly working on my 1st one and will put a lot of effort on having it published before I die… I say this because I am a PROCRASTINATOR. I think it's a disease… Some days I can do a lot and the next, I don't feel like doing anything (bipolar???)… I have a great fear of failure and have no confidence in myself… How sad.

In that same line of thought, I am also a very woe filled individual and I think I have a borderline personnality… I sympathise with Amon777. I mean it. I have no ill intent in saying this. I swear. I take it one day at a time. I am greatly woe filled. I will not go in any details about this but I swear it's true. Every day I go through is though… Well, for me it is. I do not want my days to end nor do I want them to start…

On the other hand, I love Black metal music. I am not a Satanist. I do not believe in any supernatural powers but the only one that has brought life everywhere. On our planet and all around. I believe in no God but my mother. I love the sound of the voice, of black metal that is. The screaming is what attracks me to the music. Especially from Marduk's vocalist(Voice of Satan he calls himself). I love the double based drums. The hellish pace that it has and the guitar that couples it gives me goosebumps. . Marduk is a Sweedish band.
The singer's voice is beyond the grave. My favorite song ever is from that band. It's called : Beyond the grace of God. Taken from the 1996's album : Heaven shall burn when we are gathered.

Anyway, I think I've said enough.

See you on the net you guys!
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