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November 3rd, 2006, 19:20
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Hello Lord Alex. We have some things in common. I know for a fact what blue book you're talking about : It's D&D's first edition Player's handbook…
Aaaahhhh… those were the days. It was all so very simple then: just a pencil, some graph paper, a few dice, and your imagination. I can still in my mind's eye visualise when our party first marched bravely out of the Keep on the Borderlands.

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Anyway, to keep on with the rest of the thread and by what we have in common is this : I'm an author, a novelist but not beeing paid for it. I am working on many novels, at least 5, for the time beeing. I have 8 in mind.
Holy Smokes! That doesn't sound like procrastination to me. I think you suffer from the same thing I do which is: lots of ideas but the inability to "focus" on one idea long enough to see it through. This is very, very common with writers by the way. Almost every writer I know suffers from the same thing. However, on the bright side, good ideas are what set you apart from others on the streets. Coming up with a truly novel and interesting idea is a tough thing to do these days…. Turning that into a well-written novel is Step 2 and an entirely different animal unfortunately.

Good luck with your many projects! One will rise to the forefront sooner or later and when it takes hold, you'll have no problem seeing it through to completion.

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