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November 3rd, 2006, 19:34
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If I were to walk around with a rifle, or any other gun for that matter, in Chicago I would either be shot or arrested, do you know what they would do to a pretty guy like me in jail? That would be embarrassing.
I see . - Seriously, though, I know what you mean. Some hobbies are stigmatized, no matter how responsible the individual performing it.
How is gun control approached in the part of Germany you're from?
You need a license to carry firearms, and these are rather difficult to get depending on the type of weapon. You can unpack your rifle at the shooting range, but that's it, basically. Personally, I'm all for gun control IRL, yet I know there are responsible individuals out there who wouldn't prance around shooting passers-by even if they had the tools to do it ^_^. Admitted - I couldn't chop off heads with my tai chi jian even if I wanted to (and knowing my volatile personality I'm glad it's just for practice ).

@enodenroH: Lord Alex is right, losing focus is what happens to every writer under the sun time and time again. I feel it's part of the process of writing.

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