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November 1st, 2007, 16:25
I'm reading all the reviews of Witcher and the bottom line is that the game has a significant number of issues that will probably be fixed by patches. These patches take time to write, so why not wait until the price drops to buy? Believe me, if I didn't have any games to play I would have already bought Witcher. The bugs wouldn't halt my purchase if I had nothing else on the pc to play. Gothic 3 was a mess when it was first released and if not for the community patches, I would have never bought it. They just released another one a few days ago and I need to decide whether to restart to get the full benefit.

Games are getting more and more complicated, at least technically. I hardly ever buy any new piece of technology in its first iteration. I wait until they've ironed out the bugs and release the 2nd generation. The price drops and it's better made. How do I lose?

Another great reason to wait: game guides, maps, workarounds, etc. These all have benefited me in Gothic 3.
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