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November 27th, 2007, 16:57
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I'd be interested to know how many of you that hate DX2 with a passion played more than 2 levels?

I have to admit I hated it when it came out and only played the demo. Then only about 6 months ago I was bored and DX2 was on Steam. So I gave it a shot and you know what, I had a bunch of fun. That surprised me.

The game isn't like the original, playing it with the same mindset won't work. Taking it as more of a console type game where you can play for 30 minutes here and there it can be fun.
Is DX2 better than a lot of games since? I think so.
Is it better than Bioshock? Again I think so, Bioshock was pretty and scary in places but it bored me pretty quick. I still haven't finished and have tried a few times.

So on to DX3, I had been hoping for this although I would rather see SS3.
I hope it is more like the original with all the skills and complexity back in there but it won't be. Lets be honest - it will be more dumbed down than DX2. All recent gaming trends point to this
I played DX2 about halfway through.

Sure, if you totally ignore that there ever was a prequel it might count as a "decent" game. But that's not how things work.

You have a legacy, and if you don't treat that legacy with respect you're going to face the consequences. There's no value in taking an established game and making a MUCH lesser version of that, because you're greedy and want to release it on consoles.

That's why the game is despised so much.
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