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December 1st, 2007, 12:17
I'm a Sarah fan, but Ive been outta the loop for a long time w/ her, I dont have that release. Thx for the referral, just ordered it used!
I have pretty much all her stuff, Time to Say Goodbye is such a great cd, gonna throw it on now since I'm prolly gonna be up all night in a weird candlelit black and white tv w/ no sound going twilight zone (went to bed after work w/ a migraine). Went down and chilled in the jacuzzi for a while w/ some unknown half-corked dames that were hanging out in there topless (i love california!), so I'm pretty mellow and 'time to say goodbye' should hit the spot. Water must have been 120 degrees in there! I'm like feeling valium'd out, yet I cant imagine sleeping.

Never done the Loreena Mkennit thing, I have a friend who really likes her but Ive never given her a shot yet. There's some artists I just am saving for later ina way, she's one of them.

I dont dislike people - I just like them better when theyre not around
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