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December 5th, 2007, 17:21
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Pullman is an aggressive atheist, who, for example, hates the work of CS Lewis (Narnia ). He wants to tear 'religion' down, especially the Christians. I've read (in a secular news magazine ) that he's out to attack the Catholic church. I've not read the books, nor do I want to and I have no plans to see the film, even though I like Nicole Kidman. Am I biased? Yes, but at least I'll admit it!!

PS, I have no problem with Harry Potter, or LotR.
I personally am in the Corwin camp on this one… I too have read much about him and his beliefs and agenda. I won't see it and I won't allow my children to see it… while at the same time I have no problem with them seeing other fantasy based movies…

just my choice…

May all your hits be crits!
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