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December 6th, 2007, 21:53
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So vocal atheists are bad people now? I'm sorry but I don't agree with what you say and you don't need religion to have a moral upbringing. Theres little point in discussing it though because banging two brick walls together won't get you anywhere.
They are a threat to the authority that a few sects takes for granted. To quell that threat in a time where genocide is frowned upon requires them to lie because the eight commandment have no value to members of such sects. Among other distortions, slapping a label on every person who is not an official member of the cult is important. Once you managed to label someone you can start to pick them down from your radically twisted perspective. The patriarchy, the Zionists, the Aliens tapping your telephone etc are such labels. It focuses people, just like any symbol can. In the case of the Abraham religions their label is "atheists" or "heathen" and they are "bad" because they are not members. When their power is threatened they will use their strings and argue things like "they disrespect our faith" etc, which is political bs for "do not question our agenda".
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