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December 7th, 2007, 00:24
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So vocal atheists are bad people now? I'm sorry but I don't agree with what you say and you don't need religion to have a moral upbringing. Theres little point in discussing it though because banging two brick walls together won't get you anywhere.
Okay… just so we have what I said straight… first… I never said atheist were bad people anywhere in my text. I said I disagreed with his viewpoint and I said: "And being an atheist is by definition being against God. It's not the disbelief of religion… it's the disbelief of an all powerful creator." Please re-read my entire post and you will see that I never say that athiests are bad.

Second, you obviously do agree with me, or once again you didn't read my post completely because I said "Just my opinion… and as always… you are able to raise your children any way you choose… but when they get to a terrible time in their life, and they have no strong basis to fall back on (whether is be Christianity, Buddhism, or just a very good teaching of respect and love, etc), they face a much greater risk of not being able to rise up out of the terrible time."

So I obviously said that being brought up with a very good teaching of respect and love are just as pertinent as any religious beliefs.
In other words… per quoting myself, I said that bringing up your child as a christian, or buddhist, or just teaching them respect and love… are all valid, good ways to raise your child.

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