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December 8th, 2007, 14:27
There are a few common misconceptions about atheism trotted out here which nobody else has bothered to set straight, so I will.

(1) Atheism is not a religion any more than theism is a religion. There are a number of atheistic religions (e.g. some varieties of Buddhism), a number of atheistic belief systems that have many characteristics of religion (e.g. some varieties of Marxism), just like there are a number of theistic religions and belief systems.

(2) The statement that "atheists are by definition against God" is patently absurd, since you cannot by definition be against something that you don't believe even exists. There are, of course, anti-religious atheists, atheists that have it in for some religion in particular, and atheists that are not anti-religious. JemyM, for example, has repeatedly stated that he is an anti-religious atheist. I am also an atheist, but I am not anti-religious. (If I were, that would cause me severe problems at home, since my wife is a practicing Catholic.)

Oh, the film? I have no intentions of going to see it at this time. I tend not to like propaganda unless it's either exceptionally good propaganda or exceptionally straightforward about being propaganda, and I get the impression that this is neither. (I have a very strong dislike for C.S. Lewis's work for the same reason.)
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