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December 11th, 2007, 14:52
1) Lewis "Narnia" hasn't made from me a catholic, though I really loved his books and tv-series (I think it was made by bbc) in childhood, well I still like it very much . I suppose Pullman's books also wouldn't made from me anty-christian if I read them in childhood. It's because thease books have second layer and this layer isn't easily seen when you're a kid. You focus on story, adventure and magic.
This case with Susan was sad for me (if I clearly remember my impressions from childhood) but I treated it in some way similar to Peter Pan, some things are avaible only for children. though I don't agree with it grrrhhh

2) In my life I read a lot of books, which authors' philosophy I didn't agree with and still loved those books. It's nice intelectual stimulation . I think it's a shame to miss great book because you don't agree with author vison of world. It's a matter of curiosity and willing to explore. And maybe willing to discuss.

3) "Golden compass"-movie: do you really think hollywood took a risk and put into the movie this second background of Pullman's books? I think they only left adventure and smartly rid off some "controversial" things. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against to see only adventure from this book .
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