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December 13th, 2007, 18:24
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If they officially recognize Christmas, it gets them out of all the legal wrangling over nativities, et al, on government property. In order to cover their political butts, you get the second resolution (and I bet there's a 3rd one somewhere to cover Judaism). This is aimed at the stupid application of seperation of Church and State that the ACLU is pushing. While I'm decidedly anti-organized-religion, I think there's more important issues for the ACLU to address than the legality of a Christmas Tree in some courthouse.
I've always found it a curious irony that European countries with state churches, such as the UK, Sweden, or Finland, are extremely secularized, whereas the United States, which doesn't, has religion play an extremely visible role in public and political discourse.

That's the central square of Helsinki around Christmas.

I also hear that the mullahs managed what the Shah attempted: secularize the Iranian people.
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