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December 13th, 2007, 19:25
The inclusion of Christmas in this obvious vote pandering (they got mine!) probably has more to do with all the political correctness that has spawned the "war on Christmas" . This is the obvious avoidance of companies and media to say Merry Christmas.

This year isn't as bad as last it seems to me with a lot of people trying to bring it in casually along with their "Happy Holidays". (they showed Al Roker's Christmas Card this morning on the Today show)

A couple of days ago in the UK some Islamic, Sikh and Hindu groups have officially said don't blame us for this "winterval" nonsense..

This will likely go back and forth for the next few yaers. It makes for a good non-issue for the politicians in the meantime. My own job had a Hallowe'en contest and is now having a "Holiday" contest.

I certainly get a laugh out of Wal-Mart's Salvation Army/Merry Christmas ads. They like to remind the public how much a grinch Target is.

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