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December 21st, 2007, 18:46
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This game?
14 years to finish it huh? I'd say you got your moneys worth.
Yup, this game. On floppies. It's not worth its money , even though it's still a long way from the infamous and impossible-to-play "ANGST - Rahz's Revenge"…
In Extremis features one of the few game boxes I couldn't cut up because floppies all look the same on a shelf. I couldn't reinstall it nowadays because I finally got rid of my floppy drive… but who cares, there's still Catacomb Apocalypse waiting for me. I didn't finish that one back in '93 due to a fatal harddisk failure (the same that ate my Syndicate game… I had just reached level 48 of 50).
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