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December 31st, 2007, 07:42
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I don't think that he would ever return to the "industry" again. I also interviewed Guido some weeks earlier (he even reused the answer to the first PC Games question from our interview ) and he was quite sure about this. He does not like the commercial roadmaps that a developer has to follow in order to find a publisher or financier. Making games is not about having a vision anymore, it's more about defining a target audience, analysing the "demands of the market" and then planning a marketing campaign. In the and it's not the game designer who decides what game he wants to make, it's the economist and / or the marketing guy who give(s) the orders. There is a german collocation that I think is also known in the english-speaking countries: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

If you're interested in my interview with Henkel and capable of german, see also He also gave some thoughts about Planescape at the end of the interview. I'm sry, but I didn't feel capable enough to translate the whole thing into english without changing the meaning of the answers too much.
I suppose we are countrymen, so yes I can read it.

Still, being in creative business myself, I know so well how hurt you can feel. But running entirely away because business is business and you cant 100% fulfill your creative vision, sorry but thats BS. If I read what he says it feels like he wants to. Artists are all a bit like queens, but wasting his life with cell phone games is SO much better. /sracasm off

Really, there is a time to take a break, but forever is just a tad too long to give up for my taste. And trust me, I had my load of shit and betrayal in the business. Go up and get back to the fight! Maybe its only 50% or heck 30% of his creative vision, but heck, doing nothing now means zero percent! I dont understand such an attitude at all, especially from a man who still has so many fans.
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