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January 14th, 2008, 01:58
I think you're forgetting that Bioware is indeed a Corp. now. This means they have a handheld division, an Xbox 360, a PC games divison, a MMO-division (in Austin, Texas, USA) and some other divisions as well.

I dont' mind Bioware making a Sonic RPG for the DS. Bioware seems to be doing this whenever they want to break into a genre or platform, be it the rpg-genre or the Xbox platform.

If you go to this site:…976#post455976

There's a link to some nice watercolory screenies on gamespot

They look fairly nice, although I have to say that everything looks really, really small, but I guess that's just because of the hardware limitations for the DS or so??

Also, I though that (real) turn-based game went out the window at least 5 or maybe even 8-10 years ago? I bet it will be the good ol' realtime with pause TB combat that some love and others hate with a vengeance….

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