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November 9th, 2006, 22:56
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Aka. Headbutt.
Yep, though I don't know of a Tai Chi headbutt yet (at least not in the two forms I'm practising) .
Originally Posted by Khass
And I can just imagine 2 stoned guys, one trying to yell headbutt, the other Rushing earthquake forehead.
Just that you don't yell the names of the moves, especially not in a fight…
Originally Posted by Khass
Posh name gets a broken nose, lip and lower arch. Actually, I tried this on a guy once.
Ouch! I hope you won?
Originally Posted by Ragnar View Post
I've been thinking of taking up Tai Chi myself…studied Goju for year but my knees just couldn’t take it any more. Besides, another style is always nice to know.
And there are so many different basic styles of Tai Chi to begin with . When I first heard it wasn't just shadowboxing but a real martial art I didn't want to believe it… until I saw my sword teacher fight his teacher (though hand-to-hand and not with swords). These guys were incredible.
As for Goju-ryu, I've never seen it performed live and in action (if you don't count Kabal in MK: Deception… in MK you may have tons of martial arts and styles, but most are rather shoddily executed), but hubby is a practitioner of Shotokan (like Sub-Zero in the same game). How do these styles compare IRL?

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