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November 10th, 2006, 01:59
PJ, HATE is neither logical, nor moral!! It's actually a waste of time and energy. I don't Love America, I certainly don't agree with a lot it does, (neither do many Americans I suspect), but to hate it would be silly. What is 'America'? or any country for that matter? Is it a geographical PLACE, a group of people, a government, or what? Disagreeing with a person, or a gov't is fine, it's also healthy, but Hate isn't. Hate destroys the hater, often more than the hatee (if there is such a word). You say you're concerned about ideals being twisted!! Wake UP!!!! That's been happening all through history by every country and government. Hatred dispels reason and can lead to the situation we see now where Terrorism is taking hold. Hatred is an extreme position, so shouldn't line up with your avowed centrist position!!

Let's have good discussion and honest disagreement, but let's keep Hate out of the equation. It achieves nothing that is positive, so why bother!!

If God said it, then that settles it!!

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