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November 10th, 2006, 09:52
I would shudder to think that anyone would see our government and prime minister as being representative for all our people's views, even if they were chosen in a fair and democratic system. Which I may add, was not really the case with the last Bush election, but that's beside the point. And I came across a nice chart that really set things into perspective: it shows the mean IQ of people in all the states that voted for Kerry and those that voted for Bush, guess which states had the lowest score?

Right…..More frightening is that there is almost no exception! Not to say that "dumb" people shouldn't vote, but to make a point that the people who voted for Bush didn't have the priviledge of access to good education and therefore may have more trouble making an educated choice in politics. The irony of it is that Bush was chosen by the same people he sent to war (a lot of poor uneducated men choose the army as career) and for whom he didn't do s**t when it comes to basic health care, employment and education. He would be stupid too, because he benefits by keeping his electorate dumb as they are. I came across a lot of young American people during my travels over the last couple of years that were pleading not to look at them through the image of their goverment and leader. Let's not get into black & white arguments.
BTW: Have you ever seen our "leader"?, he looks like a LEGO man for chrissakes! He walks like one of them also
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