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November 10th, 2006, 18:59
@Alex — as stated, language is imprecise. I do not lump all Americans automatically with the concept of "America" that I "hate" (for want of a better word). On the contrary, I have nothing but the greatest of respect and admiration for the Americans that are working like hell to return America to the beacon of hope and liberty that it used to be, and I feel pity rather than hatred for those Americans who are simply prisoners of the system or have opted out of it.

The point is that they're not the ones who are acting in the name of America. Haven't been for a very long time.

Moreover, I don't hate America for being a failed experiment, any more than I would have hated Argentina for collapsing its economy due to Perón's populist policies. As said, I hate America for taking those ideals that I love most dearly — liberty, democracy, justice, human rights — and turning them into curse words. If there's one political change I'd like to see happening in the world, it's democracy in the Arab world — but I can't even *say* that anymore, because all it does is invoke pictures of the smoking ruins of Falluja, the oil slick that destroyed most of Lebanon's coastline, and that guy in a black hood standing on a cardboard box with wires through him.

And, Alex, I'm sorry, but I can't think of any word that better expresses my feelings about all this than "hatred" — and I believe that I would not be a moral human being if I did not have this response. I could try "outrage," but that's not strong enough. You're a writer, I understand; perhaps you can suggest something?
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