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March 26th, 2008, 23:06
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A limited capacity inventory can be a good thing to make the player think, but considering the gothic series where you can carry the whole world in your pack-pack is somehow forgiven within the fantasy of the games. The pack-horses in Dungeon Siege II being a good example of a credible yet feasible carrying solution.
That's not my problem, it is usability that bothered me. There's no "put on thief's outfit" button, which would've been a life-safer.

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Anyway, thanks BN for the fairly critical but direct and informative review, this is better than pulling punches, it gives credibillity which i prefer, much better than some glossed-over (read: favourable) reviews. I believe those minor positives could just sway this game.
Like I said, I'm not going to recommend it, but I definitely enjoyed it myself despite some clear annoyances. I liked the plot and the world-building in particular. But it's pretty clear not everyone will feel that way.

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I also appreciated your description of the horseback combat—it seems like something that's getting inserted into games lately regardless of whether it makes much sense or not. It's functionality seems appropriate here as you describe it—that is fairly realistic in implementation, but why would the designers think you would want to fight from a horse in a dark narrow alley? (Because you can, I guess). At least they gave you reasons to try to jump off and play rationally by including special dismount-only moves, similar to how Sacred handled it, IIRC.
Hard to be a God really does it better than others, but keep in mind they also simplify it down a lot, so it's not a lot of fun to do either.
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