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October 18th, 2006, 04:11
You have an older computer and want to have fun with Gothic III - here we go:

You need:

2 GB ram or more (use dual channel technique if your motherboard supports this)

2 GHz CPU (AMD XP 2400) or better

a good 256 MB grahics-card ati x800 gto or better (at least shader model 1.4)

a good harddisk - raid is better

best tuning tip for all games (if you have the time)

fresh windows xp install + SP2

install the newest grafics driver (ati catalyst 6.9) (nvidia 91.47)

install Gothic 3 + DirectX9.0c + patch

if you have a second harddrive install your windows swapfile there
this article explains all about swapfiles:…ization_01.htm
my tip:…ization_17.htm

defrag the harddisks

Gothic detail settings:
everything on maximum
except for

vegetation-> low
shadows -> off = there are still there, but in low quality
DoF (Depth of Field) -> off at least for ATI x8xx cards otherwise black graphic errors can occur

my personal taste -> bloom off, too -> everything is more "natural" then



If you have a high resolution TFT and want to play in the native resolution
with a smaller game screen use the option "centered timings" in the ATI control center. 1280x800 looks very good on a native 1280x1024 TFT for example and fps increase.


All I have heard so far about ram

512MB to low - playing is not fun

1,0 GB sufficient - you can live with it

1,5 GB satisfactory - the fun begins

2,0 GB good

Of cause this depends also on how much background processes are running -
deaktivate virus scanner, firewall, starforce, unneccessary starting processes etc.

The problem with not sufficient ram is: your computer begins to swap beween memory and harddrive and then a high end cpu and graphic-card will be thwarted by the hard-drive speed.

ram is the bottleneck for Gothic 3


Don't overclock too much

Although it can be very compelling to overclock cpu-clock, front side bus, ram timings, gpu-clock especially on an older system … this can result in random crashes in Gothic 3, because Gothic is very demanding in all categories at once.

For ati-cards the ATI-Tool is the best overclocking tool.


Deactivate auto-update:

change the gothic 3 link to (right mouse click on the icon / select properties)

C:\program files\Gothic III\Gothic3.exe

C:\programme\Gothic III\Gothic3.exe


Deactivate starting logos

Delete all but one entries in C:\program files\Gothic III\INI\logo.ini with a text editor. One entry must stay, because Gothic need to initialize some video settings.


What is the "post processing" feature?

you can set post processing to

0: OFF

1: Bloom (german: "Überstrahleffekt") - shader model 2 is needed

2: Bloom and DoF = Depth of field (german: "Tiefenunschärfe")
I think shader model 3 is needed, on my shader model 2 ati card
I had black boxes around torches etc.

I don't miss them - and with shadows off I can set texture details to maximum and set the resolution to 1280x1024 on my older system - this was more important for me.


Another ati tip:

aktivate <Enable geometry instancing> in the ati 3d settings

this should help your cpu.


Another ati-tip:

Disable the Catalyst AI in the control center, so you can avoid some
strange effects like shining through crystals etc.

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