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November 19th, 2006, 00:07
Politics in general is all bollox.
No matter who is elected/voted for there are the same problems that never get solved.
I am sorry to admit,and hate to cause any offence to any American folks,but…..
No-one outside the u.s gives a shit.
Also just think,thats a big world out there!
Maybe i should keep my opinions to myself,however i get quite annoyed when Miss America wants all the attention and just has to be a voice of the planet ALL THE TIME ,just wished it took a backseat once in a while like a powerhouse should, instead of being so brash and "look at me" all the time.
Like i said who gives a shit.
And nothing changes……..
Cheers. and don`t make quick reply to this until you actually think and realise what i mean.
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