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October 15th, 2008, 23:48
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What? They told you what is the reason:
I just had the same email, it seems the collecters edition for the PC has been cancelled not the console ones. I just ordered the standard PC version, I'm not paying 25 more for the PS3 Special Edition, I don't need a lunch box that much lol.
Well I didnt expect that - I thought it was just out of stock or somthing. Now I feel like getting stabbed - PC game doesnt get CE but consoles do? This sucks if its true - thank you PC pirates for this one too.

I dont feel like buying fallout3 CE for xbox incase fallout3 gets similar mod treatment as ES series. I guess Ill buy nothing then if there is no PC CE - I just wait the prices to drop since there is no hurry to buy it.

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