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Default RIP, Dave Arneson

April 9th, 2009, 15:22
This has popped up at a few forums and, unfortunately, it seems to be true. Shacknews is reporting the death of Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons with Gary Gygax:
Dave Arneson, co-creator of the first commercial roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons, lost a battle with cancer on Tuesday. Arneson was 61.
A fan of table-top wargames, Arneson began designing his own gaming scenarios from an early age. In 1969 he met fellow D&D co-creator Gary Gygax at the second official Gen Con gaming convention. Collaboration between the two would eventually see the first release of Dungeons & Dragons in 1974.
Dungeons & Dragons established the traditional RPG form, with concepts such as "leveling," "parties" and others all owing their lineage from the game and directly influencing countless computer games.
More information.
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April 9th, 2009, 15:22
May your soul continue to fly on fantastic lands Dave.
Thanks for all the adventures you made us live.

Furor Vincit Omnia
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April 9th, 2009, 16:44
Sad news. Sixty-one is too young.

God bless you, Dave. Thanks.
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April 9th, 2009, 16:50
Very sad to hear of this. IMO, I always believed he never received his due for D&D.
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April 9th, 2009, 17:51
May you rest in peace, not in pieces.
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April 9th, 2009, 18:00
RIP. The two creators of D&D have sadly passed away.
I wonder how he felt about D&D 4th ed.
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April 9th, 2009, 18:41
Thank you for helping creating the one game that changed my life. I was no longer just a nerd, I was Harkar the Chaotic Good Wizard hell bent on fighting against evil no matter the cost.
Despite all my rage.
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April 9th, 2009, 19:43
Sic transit…

Thanks, Dave.
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April 9th, 2009, 20:55
The resluting comradraeship and friendships created from Dave's and Gary's works can only be matched by a very few individuals in this world.

My life would be bland and dull if it weren't for these two.

Thank you Dave.
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April 9th, 2009, 22:56
..gloria mundi

This is shocking news indeed. My life has been influenced a lot by their genious work. RIP Dave and thank you.
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April 9th, 2009, 23:03
Damn, terrible news.
It's their efforts that turned me into a RPG fiend something like 27 years ago.
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April 10th, 2009, 00:47
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
RIP. The two creators of D&D have sadly passed away.
I wonder how he felt about D&D 4th ed.
Here is a link to answer your question
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April 10th, 2009, 14:43
Originally Posted by Aldarron View Post
Here is a link to answer your question
Thanks, but reading that thread just got me depressed. There he was just a month ago answering RPG and dungeon-mastering questions
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April 10th, 2009, 15:26
For many years he lived less than a half a mile from me on Selby Ave. He had the second floor of good size building. Think 1000 sq ft. studio apartment. Many in my gaming group held him in high esteem. I had the dubious honor of plumbing the debts of Blackmoor and dying there, killed by an air elemental. I played with him as DM a few times. One thing the was funny was that we kept seeing holes blown in the walls of the dungeon. We finally realized that these explosions were the result of people trying to get out of Blackmoor Dungeon. It was easy to go down but hard to go up.
He was personable, friendly, and very patient. A quiet man, who we felt, my group, never got the just recognition he deserved as co-creator of D&D.
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April 10th, 2009, 16:33
Very sad news, D&D came as far, as to a small contry as Denmark and I played it fore almost 15 years (D&D then AD&D 2nd Editon), Im forever in debt fore the countless hours of fun we had.

Must he rest in peace.
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