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Default Will I like The Witcher?

June 11th, 2010, 00:47
Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
The usual trope of urgently having to Save the World from Certain Doom Right Now, but then going off to help random strangers do completely unrelated things always mildly irritated me.
I have a feeling I'd like cRPG's a lot more if it wasn't for this. Because I'm the kind of guy who feels like I have to do all those quests. It's like a check-list, you have to check all the items before you can move on, and doing so completely undermines the actual story of the game until it's all but pointless…


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Yesterday, 22:02
The hype for Wild Hunt got me to finally retry the first Witcher game, which I had abandoned after 20 minutes when I first got it in a Steam sale a couple years ago.

Well, I've made it a few hours into the game this time — and I'm bored again. There's nothing to the combat beyond clicking the mouse every time the cursor flashes, and the story so far involves a lot of running from one end of the village to another on not-very-interesting errands, whacking trash respawns on the way.

Is this series just not for me? Does it deepen as it goes?

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