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Default Shadowrun Returns - Update #39

January 22nd, 2013, 01:48
Harebrained Schemes has put together a new update on Shadowrun Returns:
Let's start with a progress report!
On the code-side, over 30 character skills and abilities are in the game and working. Thatís stuff like etiquette, snapshot, and conjuring. On top of that, decking, rigging, spirit summoning, and spellcasting are in too! This list represents a huge push from our engineering team to get the first draft of these features in before the end of the year and they delivered. Now, before you get too excited, all these systems are using ďprogrammer artĒ so theyíre. . . not pretty. But they prove the systems, can be tested, bug-fixed, and iterated upon before we spend the time prettifying them. Itís starting to feel like a game. Itís got bugs and thereís a lot to do but itís starting to feel like Shadowrun.
But wait, thereís more. NPCs are talking! Our base conversation system is in and working. Weíve got branching dialog in the game that performs checks to determine what dialog options to give you - we plan to note the skill/attribute/race, etc. that allowed that option to appear. We (and you) can do all sorts of cool things with our conversation system combined with our trigger system. Things like attaching a conversation to a window prop so it feels like youíre overhearing people on the other side of the window or having a conversation that convinces someone to turn off the fog of war in an area and escort you to the mainframe.
More information.
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January 22nd, 2013, 01:48
Stuff is being built. Things are working. Don't get excited. Okay, got it.
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