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Default Project Eternity - Social Round-Up #5

October 1st, 2013, 18:40
Gamebanshee has another soicial roundup gathered from various social sites for Project Eternity. So visit the link for all the news as the list is very extensive.

Stronghold tax income is more for balancing maintenance costs (i.e., paying hirelings and repairing damaged upgrades) than a major source of income. Your major source of income will almost certainly be finding money and loot in the world.

Your player house is located within the boundaries of the stronghold, but it is its own building with its own upgrades/benefits.

I think physically splitting the house and the stronghold increases the likelihood that the player will choose to not visit one or the other (most likely, the house) over the course of the game.

It doesn't need to be a major source at all.[stronghold income] It becomes a problem if it's an endless source.

It isn't an endless source.

Good. Because in your other games with keeps/strategical resources, it was endless.

I didn't design the stronghold resources/systems in any of the previous games I've worked on. If a system gives out a resource periodically, it should either expire after a number of periods have elapsed or the periods should stop elapsing.

More information.
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October 1st, 2013, 18:40
Thanks for the post. It's a long read, but there's a number of interesting details. The various percentile ranges and combat mechanics make it sound more like RoleMaster than D&D, but I'm okay with that. Looks like most of the game mechanics have been worked out. Can't wait…
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October 1st, 2013, 19:04
Some recent info I find to be missing:

While you start P:E with a single character, the game will pick up pace quickly. You will get a stronghold before the end of act 1, and before 2/3s into the game, you will have met every single companion, which I take to mean that you can have a full party of six rather early.
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So basically what people want is a game where you can play many different races having violent sex with up to 3 friends while yelling obscenities.
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