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Default RIP David Bowie

January 11th, 2016, 10:06
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January 11th, 2016, 10:12
Perhaps he kept his sickness secret? He just released a new album too…

RIP David Bowie.
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January 11th, 2016, 11:06
One of the best, a living legend who is now simply a legend.
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January 11th, 2016, 11:28
Sad news indeed - and as noted, just days after the release of his new album.
-- Mike
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January 11th, 2016, 12:02
RIP David Bowie - you gave a lot of people joy and also changed music (for the better in my opinion), thank you.
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January 11th, 2016, 12:15
Gutted. No Labyrinth sequel now either 😢. RIP to a man even us straight lads fancied. Legend
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January 11th, 2016, 12:21
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January 11th, 2016, 14:12
Just saw it on news here, The Man Who Fell to Earth is now gone.
Thanks for everything.
Toka Koka
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January 11th, 2016, 14:22
I heard a David Bowie's song this morning at the radio but they didn't mention he was dead. I probably missed the announcement before the song.

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January 11th, 2016, 17:05
I heard about the cancer several months ago, but never thought he'd fall this soon. I was fortunate enough to see him live on four occasions, and I will treasure those memories for the rest of my days. RIP Ziggy.
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January 11th, 2016, 17:26
Too soon. So sudden. I'm in shock. You never think these days will come, your idols passing from this corporeal existence.

Wild is the Wind, Live.
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January 11th, 2016, 17:48
That entire show at the BBC radio theatre is spectacular. The best performances that I witnessed myself of Bowie were in Manassas, Va. in 95, October if I remember right at the Nissan Pavilion w/ Nine Inch Nails. Reznor got sick 20 minutes into the show and Bowie did the rest himself, and it was amazing. Then I saw him next in Port Chester, NY, when he replaced the Stones, which I believe was in 1997, also in October maybe. Who the HELL replaces the Stone other than Bowie?!?!?!? /drops mic
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January 11th, 2016, 17:51
Ashes to Ashes the greatest has gone to Mars. Can't listen or watch his music without breaking down.

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January 11th, 2016, 17:55
I only saw him once; it was in June, 2000 at the Roseland in NYC w/ a couple thousand in attendance. There were talks of him canceling the show due to a case of bronchitus (he had canceled the previous night's show). The show went on - and it was magical.
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January 11th, 2016, 18:57
Aw, man.

I'm like eight years old, and I've snuck into my older sister's room to play her records, and I'm sitting there on the carpet looking at his weird face on the album cover and "Starman" comes on, and

How far out are you, Bowie?

"Pretty far out man, pretty far out."

And today -- just a little bit further.


[edit: I went to Youtube to check out his new album, and the first line of the first song I listened to was "Look at me, I'm up in heaven."]
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January 11th, 2016, 19:19
the guy definitely lived a full life, unfortunately it's the way of all flesh

He was certainly one of a kind, a true legend!
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January 11th, 2016, 22:07
I only had the pleasure of seeing him in concert-on the Serious Moonlight tour inn Adelaide. When I was growing up Ziggy Stadust and the Spiders from Mars never left the cassette player. A great individual performer.
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January 11th, 2016, 22:19
Serious Moonlight tour for me too. Only time. The Go Gos opened for him at the Angels stadium in Anaheim. Sadly, no Stevie Ray Vaughan. Both performances were good. Neither were spectacular. But it was an event standing down on the field. I still mourn his passing. RIP Bowie.
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January 11th, 2016, 22:59
Oi. The news isn't even here on my newspaper's web site yet !
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January 11th, 2016, 23:02
And the stars look very different today.
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