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July 18th, 2014, 21:23
I've always been fascinated by gamer stereotypes. First of all it's the average gamer that most publishers all aim for. The one that guys every sports game every year, even though they only come up with marginal improvements. The one that buys almost every game that this industry of ours churns out year after year.

And I've found this video of someone recommending games from his collection. Now, this is in no way a bash at his person. I'm just fascinated how, if you watch his video, you seem to notice that almost all games have awesome graphics, awesome gameplay. He goes from MLB (a baseball game, for which I have no interest personally, but to each his own), which he calls amazing, though he admits he never was a fan of baseball games until then, to Thief, calling it a disappointment. And also calling Infamous: Second Son, good. I mean, he was noticeably more excited about sports games than other types of games. Except for Call of Duty Ghost and Battlefield 4, which are deemed by mainstream gaming culture as must plays.

As I said, I mean for this thread to only be a discussion about gamer stereotypes. Not just the average gamer. But also other stereotypes. Like the Call of Duty player who bashed Battlefield, and vice versa. Both needing to bash the other to feel like they belong to a camp. I guess it's the same behavior football fans exhibit when they make a connection with a certain team. For which Seinfeld made a great skit.
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July 18th, 2014, 22:54
When I was growing up, there used to be a stereotype (I don't know if it still exists), where only nerds and geeks with acne, thick glasses and genius-level math students played RPGs.

I played sports all of my life growing up, was pretty popular in high school, etc., I did wear glasses, but they weren't that thick, and I wasn't the greatest student in high school, but I was always an RPG nerd at heart.

My best friend was a major RPG nerd as well, and he got more chicks than you could imagine. So, I never really found that stereotype to be very true.
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Yesterday, 00:23
You can't compare football fans to CoD and BF fans though. Many CoD gamers seem to be illiterate whereas BF fans can type coherent sentences. Also, RPG fans are way more literate, in my experience, than fans of other types of games.

This could make for an interesting scientific study when you think about it…

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gamer stereotypes
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