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Default Bug-o-rama business should stop, says Kotaku

November 14th, 2014, 18:07
Okay, not those exact words, but they say: "New Video Games Shouldn't Be So Broken"

Games always had bugs and can't be tested thoroughly to weed out every single possible bug prior to the release. It's the reality and anyone who thinks it's possible to make a bug free (not talking about phonescams!) game is too optimistic.

While publishers don't have any problem to invest $100 millions in marketing, seems that lately (started with Bethesda's flagship game that gave birth to walking simulator MMO) publishers refuse to pay a dime for betatesting and QA is probably instructed to ignore bugs and say only if some game feature is fun.

In some cases a huge amount of bugs that remained in the release version is understandable, take Wasteland 2 for example.
But InXile didn't leave it at that but are still on patchpolishing the game.

In other cases, where it's not a small dev studio behind the product, it tends to look unbelievable some issues passed QA. How otherwise to explain AC:Unity problems?

Or EA's Sims 4… I know noone except me here plays it, but it's enourmous amount of bugs is unbelievable, it doesn't feel like it had a betatest phase at all.

Is it just my prejudice or the bigger publisher is, more bugs are present in the released game and are less likely to be patched fast?
As an audience and customers who expect a working product we paid for, can we do anything about that?

Toka Koka
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November 14th, 2014, 18:15
I think you're right. The production at the big publishers is like a massive sweat shop, and all that really matters is getting product shipped as fast as possible. They know that with the big IPs, they will be pretty well immune even to lacklustre reviews and gamer backlash.

There is also a huge divide between the artists that actually care about the work, and people that give the orders and roll about in the money. At the smaller studios, not only do they care more about the reception and word-of-mouth, there is also more unity across the business, and a greater sense of personal investment in the work from the people in charge.
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November 14th, 2014, 18:29
I've been saying this for years. If your game requires a massive bug fix patch in the first few weeks its released, THEN IT'S NOT READY FOR RELEASE!!!!!

For all the faults I find with Spiderweb games themselves, I'm impressed at how few bug fixes Vogel has to put out. I recently reinstalled Avadon. It had been a year or two since I last gave it a shot, so I figured I'd better download whatever updates were available. I was shocked to find that there were no updates! I googled to see if there were bugs that just hadn't been fixed. Nope!

Now, I realize his games are near as complex (technically speaking) as something like Skyrm or D:OS, but seriously, its appalling the state games are released in these days.


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November 14th, 2014, 19:22
Another website has posted the same type of article about this problem.

Link- http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/assassins-c…atches-1474696
Young people reading this might find the following notion strange and archaic, but video games were once released in complete, finished states.

There's almost an acceptance that these difficulties will occur but that gamers will readily just sit there and accept it. There is outcry for sure, but it will never impact how developers and publishers operate until gamers get fed up and it starts affecting the bottom line.

With every big game that's released heaving with bugs the industry slips further into accepting the Early Access Beta model as its main method of release. "Here take this, test it for us and we'll fix it… promise?" This cannot be accepted as the norm.

The bare minimum consumers should expect from a game is that it can be played perfectly well straight out the box. Yet here we are, feeling the need to say it just in case it wasn't obvious enough.

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November 15th, 2014, 01:34
A player just created this (wasn't me):

Now we all probably remember Ultima Ascension back then called Bugscension, everyone heard me calling a certain game Bugrym, and Sims 4 since it crashes on save (on my side) feels like playing Groundhog Day 4 not Sims 4.

Seems publishers really want consumers renaming their games. Dunno for what reason.

Toka Koka
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November 17th, 2014, 00:13
More Bugs = More Greed,
because Publishers just can't wait for the money to come in.

Corollary : The more Buggy a game is, the more Greedy the Publisher is.

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November 18th, 2014, 18:18
To further add to this, it's sad to see that the buggy state of games are actually expected these days. How many posts on the watch go something like this: "I'm really excited to play this game… however i'm going to wait a few weeks until buying it until the bugs are worked out…"

On the flip side, some bugs add to the fun. I remember playing NWN on the day of release, opening a door built into a tree, and then the tree started chasing me and attacking me…

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