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Default hackers for life…or death

May 28th, 2011, 07:19

gee i sure can't wait 'til the next thing to be hacked is the private security firms responsible for flying the predator drones which get turned on whomever. since it's not the troops in pakistan or afghanistan that are usually flying them but someone at a desk in nevada seems like the potential for some elite hacker to get access somehow and then they can sell the access to whomever. while i imagine the chances of that are slim from a practical standpoint it seems like a much easier route for a terrorist attack of a smaller scale but much less difficult logistically to pull off and even an attack of small scale against any country with a large ego is sure to respond with lots of resources, fear, and waste galore.

—-when we figure out how to build guillotines for corporations the new revolution will have begun—-
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RPGWatch Forums » General Forums » Politics & Religion » hackers for life…or death
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