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Default Valerian Comic-Con Footage Description: The Mass Effect Movie is Here?

July 22nd, 2016, 23:02
The source:

Linked article is one horrible example of misconception, misadvertising and click bait.

Valerian and Laureline is ongoing French sci-fi comic saga. It's first issue was released almost 50 years ago. It spans on I believe 22 issues so far and some spinoffs. But not everything got translated, to my knowledge the furthest english translation goes to 11th issue and includes one spinoff:

I didn't read them all, just a few first issues translated ages ago to a language I understand (not mine and not english though).

The story is about two time travellers (names are as the comic title). I won't spoil everything, but during ceretain time travel Earth disappears and two of them are the only survivors in the future. Things get worse as at the point they reach noone in galaxy remembers Earth and noone except them has any knowledge of time travel. On their ventures, the duo will meet numerous alien species and at some point they'll even stumble upon another time traveller from Earth (Jal) who wants to "fix" the universe and return Earth.

Does this sound like Mass Effect? Of course it doesn't.

These are heroes in footage from the upcoming movie:

On that link I provided you may see how comic characters look. From these at the picture - completely different! In first numbers where the style was Lucky Lukelike, and later when the style went more serious. Different to a point of not recognizable to fans.

At least black bloody eyes are not a problem to do with colored lens!

Ignorant screenrant site "forgot" that France/Japan coproduced animated series already exists where characters do look like those from comics:

You may watch all it's 40 episodes on Crunchyroll (unless in "wrong" region), sadly, dubbed:

Who's making the movie?
Luc Besson.
When will it hit cinemas?
Summer next year.
Shall we watch it?
Of course, but it's not Mass Effect!

Yea, I've copypasted the clickbait title also here. Sorry guys. Clicky clicky!
Toka Koka
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July 24th, 2016, 19:50
Ugh. Valerian & Veronique, how they are called in Germany, are nothing like Mass Effect. Especially because of them being so much older.

Saying it is anything like Mass Effect is like conquering and absorbing (and, through absorbing, destroying, too) the uniqueness French and Belgian comic inventors had brought to the table.
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July 24th, 2016, 21:21
I'm always up for a new 5th element movie…
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