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December 15th, 2014, 00:31
I stumbled onto this kickstarter of That Dragon, Cancer.
Short story, is they're doing a game that they hope to capture the spirit of their son who has cancer, and apparently passed away.

I don't know, is it me or is this whole thing just wrong?
I feel like something like this should be something personal, and not shared with the world. I doubt any form of media would even resemble what they're going through with loosing their kid, but using that as subject matter for an adventure game, feels like a perversion of the whole thing.

I'm not sure what exactly they're goal is. They say they want the world to feel what they feel. I can imagine it must be a great deal for them, but what about the other masses of people that die, and no one seems to give a damn about? It feels a bit self-centered to yell at the world: "hey look at what we just lost", like their child is more important than anyone else's. If they'd of made it into some sort of a project which could serve as a platform for other people, to give them a voice when they'd probably have none. But even then, I question the purpose of that. I still hold that this sort of thing should be very personal and kept within the family. I'd never broadcast it like they're doing.

EDIT: Actually scratch that, I read now that they also mean for it to be something for other cancer victims. Still, I'd probably not put all of that personal stuff out there. Maybe that's just me.
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that dragon cancer
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