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Default Presenting 2011's Top 10 Most Corrupt American Politicians

January 3rd, 2012, 07:00
Happy New Year!


5 D, 5 R.

President Barack Obama: President Obama makes Judicial Watch’s “Ten Most Wanted” list for a fifth consecutive year. (The former Illinois Senator was also a “Dishonorable Mention” in 2006.) And when it comes to Obama corruption, it may not get any bigger than Solyndra. Solyndra was once known as the poster child for the Obama administration’s massive “green energy” initiative, but it has become the poster child for the corruption that ensues when the government meddles in the private sector. Solyndra filed for bankruptcy in September 2011, leaving 1,100 workers without jobs and the American taxpayers on the hook for $535 million thanks to an Obama administration stimulus loan guarantee.

Despite the Obama administration’s reticence to release details regarding this scandal, much is known about this shady deal. White House officials warned the president that the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program was “dangerously short on due diligence,” nonetheless the Obama administration rushed the Solyndra loan through the approval process so it could make a splash at a press event. The company’s main financial backer was a major Obama campaign donor named George Kaiser. While the White House said Kaiser never discussed the loan with White House officials, the evidence suggests this is a lie. And, further demonstrating the political nature of the Obama administration’s activities, the Energy Department pressured Solyndra to delay an announcement on layoffs until after the 2010 elections. Despite the public outrage at this scandalous waste of precious tax dollars, President Obama continues to defend the indefensible and has refused to sack anyone over the Solyndra mess.
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February 7th, 2012, 10:20
This has to be a joke.

Top 10 most corrupt? As if we could ever get an accurate view of that. 99 out of 100 politicians are corrupt - because it's human nature to align to the norms in any given structure - rather than act against it. The same goes for every human being in the world, only we don't refer to it as corruption in every instance. But it's people bending rules - because rules aren't natural or based on the individual.
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February 7th, 2012, 14:45
A German Kabarettist recently put it this way :

Germany has never ratified the international UN Convention on Corruption. They are in "good" company : Syria, North-Korea, Sudan, Somalia …

On the other hand, the Kabarettist said, there are countries which have ratified the Convention despite being corrupt : Russia, Italy …

“ Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.“ (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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