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Default Legends of Eisenwald - Interview @ RPG Codex

April 26th, 2012, 22:41
RPG Codex has an interview about Legends of Eisenwald, which you may remember from Kickstarter newsbit a few days back. Here's a bit on their previous work, Discord Times:
At first glance, Legends of Eisenwald looks quite similar to Discord Times (2004), Aterdux' previous title. What kind of game were you aiming for with Discord Times, and in what ways will this game be different from its predecessor?

AD: Since Discord Times was created way before King’s Bounty: The Legend our motivation back then was a desire to revive forgotten gameplay of the original King’s Bounty. And our enthusiasm for Disciples 2 was reflected in the combat system.

Unfortunately, Discord Times lacked good graphics. And it was also quite, no, TERRIBLY difficult to play even though some fans think that it's a plus! And yes, we have to admit, in some areas it lacked balance. But we learned from our mistakes. The main problem of Discord Times – constant lack of gold – is solved: now only a special category of units will require pay – mercenaries. As for difficulty, in Legends of Eisenwald the player will have a choice on what level of difficulty to play at. (For the record, “Impossible” is a level that a player needs to choose to reflect the difficulty of Discord Times).
More information.
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April 26th, 2012, 22:41
They also posted some sample music (one is a rough "sketch" and the other track is more polished) as well as some concept art on there kickstarter page. Just be aware that some of the art is concept art for the game, and some of it is art from the artist's portfolio showing off their range.

Audio Sketch (rough draft) of "Homelands"

Sample Background Music

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April 28th, 2012, 03:32
I was getting worried this wouldn't do well, but the pledges have started flowing in rather briskly since Stoic (Banner Saga) have endorsed and backed this project. Note they don't take money from their kickstarter funds to do that - they've made a monthly thing of getting together and each chipping in a little of their own money to back (as a group) a project or projects they like.

Anyways, the Banner Saga backers seem to be rallying and this is now trending upwards quite a bit on kicktraq. Looks like it has a good chance of meeting its goal - but not blowing it away or anything.
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