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Default Peter Molyneux: Im only going to make one more game.

November 14th, 2012, 10:57
The best game Bullfrog put out was Syndicate - and incidentally, that was the first one Molyneux wasn't in charge of. I believe it was one of the main programmers who took the lead.

Populous was a wonderful and novel idea - but I never actually liked the gameplay much. It was more about the idea than anything else. That - there - is pretty much what Molyneux is all about - the idea.

He's had wonderful and cool ideas all throughout his carreer. Well, until Fable - where he started to concentrate on more traditional stuff.

Powermonger was pretty good, though - but it was also rather shallow.

But - for my part - I don't think he's ever produced a single truly satisfying GAMEPLAY experience. Even Dungeon Keeper was just short of greatness - and was more about a fantastic idea - that was only partially implemented. I still remember reading about how Molyneux went on about how players would be able to take the part of invading heroes in classic RPG fashion - and the Dungeon Keeper would try to stop them. That was what sold me on the game, and of course it never happened.

Magic Carpet was technically fantastic - but I have to say the gameplay was like a really shallow Populous - and I never understood the appeal.

Druid 2 - the very first game I can remember from Bullfrog - was entertaining, but then again - I was like 10 years old when playing it.

Black and White remains the single biggest disappointment. The technology was extremely impressive - and I still remember how it got top reviews, because it was such a strong first impression. However, it very quickly devolved into yet another inferior Populous with shallow gameplay.
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RPGWatch Forums » General Forums » Off-Topic » Peter Molyneux: Im only going to make one more game.
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