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July 19th, 2014, 03:42
Hey guys!

I'm a member of a small development team. Well its my wife and I. We started out as wanting to develop games but before we got into full development we became hobbyist to hone our skills. Now we are making our first commercial project.

We were told that this would be a great place to post after our more recent kickstarter failure. We are looking for some great feedback because we really want to make a game people would love to play.

We call ourselves White Guardian Studios, and our project is called Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge. A 2d jrpg inspired by comics and the games that we think are great. Games like Suikoden 2, Legend of Dragoon, and Final Fantasy with a pinch of Wild Arms second ignition.

We are using all the basics which we feel are essential in jrpgs like a world map, expanding party, airships, varied locations and a unique story about race and religion. About how time can disturb the true meaning behind what matters most to society and turn it into something ugly and misguided.

Spoiler – Short description:

Our goal for this project is to make it well rounded. Even though jrpgs are known for their story and puzzles. We feel that a lot of them(especially the 2d variety) sort of neglects the battlesystem.

We are putting as much work into the battesytem that we are putting into the rest of the game. It is sporting full sized 2d pixel work with beautiful backgrounds as well as a dynamic camera system. It has a condition turn based system which adds that strategic element in battle. We also are implementing a system in which you can interact with objects such as trees and pillars to help give players the edge in sticky situations.

When it came to exploration we want you to be able to interact with the environment. Although we map with borders and passiblity limits, you can still climb, jump, swim and pick up objects. As well as use character specific tools to open your path to explore hidden places and find secret objects.

Since we are huge comic fans we thought it would help us not only separate our game from most rpgs but introduce an art style to the genre that is rarely used. So as far as presentation goes we help progress the story with motion comic cut scenes both pixelated and high quality pieces.

Spoiler – pixelated

Spoiler – High Quality

We have a very basic demo released if you would like to try it and give feedback. We would love to know what people think.


Celestial tear Demon's Revenge will be separated into at least 2 parts for the PC. Each part being a complete adventure lasting at least 14 hours. We really would love to get greenlit on Steam. So every vote counts.

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