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Default so Double Fine is making a TV show

May 16th, 2015, 20:06
I figured this was a little too tangential to gaming for a main page newsbit, but … turns out there's going to be a Costume Quest cartoon.

From Gama Sutra:
Double Fine's Greg Rice took to Twitter today to confirm that the San Francisco indie studio is working with Frederator Studios to produce a cartoon based on Double Fine's Costume Quest games.

This seems to be another move on Double Fine's part to expand and diversify its business beyond game development — last year the studio began testing the waters of game publishing, though it later had to lay off some folks after losing an unannounced project.

It's especially interesting to see Costume Quest become fodder for an animated cartoon, because the original game was imagined and championed by Pixar animator (and former Double Fine employee) Tasha Harris.

"When I was a kid, I was always drawing, but I always loved video games," Harris told Gamasutra in 2010, shortly after shipping Costume Quest as project lead. "So I would draw out some ideas for games, and I remember drawing these little pixelated kids trick or treating."

Harris returned to Pixar in 2012 after spending over five years at Double Fine, and now the Frederator animators are looking to her game for inspiration as they draw cartoon versions of little kids trick or treating. It's yet unclear how the Costume Quest cartoon will be distributed.

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