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September 21st, 2014, 10:36
We proudly present,

InterkasaMU eX702 - http://interkasamu.com
Official Re-Open -

MuEngine Premium Files - Server International
Tired of S6EP3 servers based on cracked files full of bugs? Join us and enjoy MuEngine eX702 Premium 99% bugless.
Low Rate server planned for long term and for those who know how to build a character adding their stats correctly, custom strategy, and maximum PvP fun!

General Information:
- Version: eX702
- Exp: 20x
- ML Exp: 10x
- Drops: 30%
- Reset lvl: 400
- Clear Stats : Yes
- Points per reset : 350
- Reset Limit: 5 (will change in time)
- Dedicated Host

- 99% no bugs (1% are little glitches, bugs, or errors that are also present in GMO)
- 12 new socket weapons!
- 9 new socket sets!
- 4 new wings!
- New Interface
- New Skill Tree, Master Level at 302
- Elemental System
- Map Acheron

Whats unique and special at us:
- NO Skins, MU original
- NO donations for items F.O
- Weekly Events made by our GM's
- Castle Siege Weekly
- Balanced economy
- PvP Ballance
- Custom Event like PVP Last Man Standing, Scrambled Words, Jewel Gamble, etc…
- Lot of way to gain I-Coins (credits): Grand Resets, Event, Votes, etc.
- Cash Shop in game u need 2 press "X"
- MU Helper
- You will gain more exp playing in party, and more if the party members are different classes.

About us:
We are a serious community, based on trust, teamwork, and strict rules.

We have developed our server based on "quality before quantity", before playing don't forget to respect all players even though this is only a game.
We value long term progress.

Become part of this growing community and we assure you will have a great time in this, your favorite game.

Website: http://interkasamu.com
Foro: http://forum.interkasamu.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Interkasa.MuOnline?ref=hl
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