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Default [AD] PhoenixMu 97d99i | Exp 400x | Drop 75%

April 7th, 2014, 09:51
Web: www.phoenixmu.org
Forum: http://phoenixmu.bulgarianforum.net

Server Info:
Experience: 400x
Drop: 80%
Version: 97d99i
Points per level: SM,BK,ELF - 5 MG - 7
Max Resets: 5
Reset Lvl: 350
Reset points: Yes
Reset points: BK - 480 ME - 520 SM - 650 MG - 600
Clear Inventory: No
Clear Skills: No
Zen for Restart: 5,000,000 x Reset number

WEBSHOP: MAX 2 excellent options per item

Jewel Of Soul success rate + Luck: 90%
Jewel Of Soul success rate without luck: 65%
Jewel Of Life success rate: 75%
Item +10 success rate: 80%
Item +11 success rate: 75%

Commands: /post, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /online

Spawns: Lorencia, Noria, Davias, Atlans, Losttower1,3,5,6,7, Tarkan, Icarus1-2, Stadium

Event: BC,DS,SKy, Party Bonus event, And WEEK Event - BC,DS,Stone ranking and HOF PK Event.

Vote for credits: 90 credits per day.
AFK for credits: 5 credits per hours in Davias.

Excellend Spawn:
Добавен е excellent spawn в Losttower6.
Чудовищата са силни и не могат да се бият преди 20 реса.
Падат слаби предмети от box+1,box+2 и част от box3.
Added new spawn in losttower6.
Drop excellent item from box+1, box+2 and part of the box+3.

Stone deposit & AFK
BG - Stone:
Може да депозирате stone в сайта и да размените stone за кредити или zen.
1 stone = 5 кредита.
1 stone = 40ml zen.
Може да седите AFK в Davias, дава по 5 кредита на час.

EN - Stone Deposit:
You can swap stone for credits or zen. 1 Stone = 5 credits. 1 Stone = 40ml zen.
You can sit AFK in Davias, gives 5 ??credits per hour.

Marry system
Пусната е marry система. Изисквания: 200 Левел и 20ml zen.
/marry - Искане на marry
/accept - Съгласяване
/divorce - Отказване
/marrystatus - Проверявате дали вашата половинка е online
We have made Marry system. Requirements: 200 lvl and 20 mln zen.
/marry - Request Marry
/accept - Accept Marry
/divorce - Denial Marry
/marrystatus - You check, is your fionce Logged in

Party Bonus Event
Increases bonus experience: 100%
Duration: 30 minutes
Event time: Every two hours

Sky Event:
Request level: 300
Duration: 2 minutes
Max People: 5
Reward: 1 Box+5
Event time: Every 2 hours [11:30,13:30,15:30,17:30.. etc.]
Lorencia 141 140, Davias 226 63

Blood Castle
Reward: Stone
Event time: Every one hour

Devil Square

Golden Invasion
Every one hours
Golden mobs: 9
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