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Default New Mu Unexpected slow 50x 30%

October 21st, 2014, 22:15
Is open beta test stage may descagar the client from the website!

Closed beta Test: 24/10 to 20 Hs Argentina.
Opening: Saturday 25/10 Argentina 18 Hs..

The accounts will be deleted at the end of the beta test and will have to register again after 00: 00hs Saturday for the opening.
Any doubt contact.

[center] General Information

Server Name: Server Unexpected Mu (Umus)

Web: unexmu.com

Status: Beta Test

Registration: Enabled

Version: Season II 1.02C

Forum forum.unexmu.com

General characteristics:


Experience: 50x

Drop: 30%

Limit reset: 28

Solider Elf max level: 180

Bless bug: No

Spots: 5 Mobs

Shops: Sets + 3 + 4 + luck / Weapons + 0 + skill + luck

Points per lvl: 5-7

Hours 24/7 No falls or crashes.

Level setting Guild: 150

Creation Magic Gladiator Level: 220

Creation Dark Lord Level: 250

Maxima Stats: 10,000

ChaosMachine rate: 40%

Party Bonus Enabled: The party`s that are 3 PJ of different races, have the bonus, As with 5 distinct PJ, if the party is 2 or 4 PJ, the bonus is not running. If the party Pj containing 2 of the same race the bonus does not run.

Potions shops: x150

balance AFK

Information on reset:

Level reset: 400

Cost: 50,000,000 * Resets

Removes points: SI

Points for reset: 350

Removes magic: NO

Clears inventory: NO


Dedicated server: 4Gb ram.

Server Connection: 1gbps

Security AntiDosS 100% Proven.


- / str: Make Force

- / agi: Add Agility

- / vit: Add Vitality

- / Jan: Make Energy

- / cmd: Command Post (only Dark Lord)

- / post: Send a global message to the server


Invasion of Dragons: 1 per day every 24 hours

Only 1 gold will invasion to give it a good value to items Excellent


BloodCastle 100%

Not set by default is tested from the 1st to the 7th accommodating their def and dmg drops of each mob.


DevilSquare 100%

idem *


Chaos Castle: 100%

idem *


Castle Siege: 100% (report date)


White Wizards: 100%

It will not be easy to overcome

Crywolf Event: 100%

idem *

Kalima Event: 100%

Balancing Defense and attack to not unbalance the game

Kanturu Event: 100%

Tested from start to finish takes 1 time every 48 hours


Medals: 30%

Items + 5 + 6 + 7 / + opt / + luck / skill +


We notice that the server has client installer which will generate a shortcut to the desktop which seamlessly from entering.

Any problems you have during installation do not hesitate to contact us forum.


Mu Server Administration Unexpected [/ center]
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