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Default Starsss, The Star-Chasing Roguelite Platformer (PC/Mac/Linux) :: Steam Greenlight Too

January 28th, 2015, 15:11
Hey everyone, my name is David. If you know me from before, it is most probably because I also made Small Chronicles.

I would like to share about a new game for PC/Mac/Linux that I have just started working on since late 2014.

Starsss is a roguelite platformer that sets you up on the ultimate star-chasing adventure. With Starsss, you will be on the hunt for stars while also defeating enemies or avoiding them. And each time you die, you'll have to start all over on a new procedurally generated/randomized stage!

Key Highlights
Ω Explore various procedurally generated stages each filled with unique enemies with wacky behaviors

Ω Level up character(s) and abilities from defeating enemies and collecting ability orbs

Ω Play character(s) differently each play-through from learning the various unique character growths

Ω Attempt to reach the legendary Stellar Skies, where the Star of Records is rumored to be at

* Please note that the game is still a work-in-progress so everything is subject to change. I will also be using this thread to post the latest game development updates for Starsss!


Play The Game Now!
You can also play Starss now from the game's website!

Steam Greenlight
Starsss is also on Steam Greenlight! Upvote it to get it from Steam!

Live Streaming @ TwitchTV
The entire game development process is also streamed live on TwitchTV! You can also catch the live stream over at WhiteSponge's TwitchTV channel every Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 9pm to 11pm EST.

Screenshots Time!


WhiteSponge is on Twitter and Instagram! Follow WhiteSponge at



Mobile games studio run by an individual with a dream of building a family of fun-loving game crafters. Play Starsss now at http://www.whitesponge.com/games/starsss !
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