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Default Rippers - A New Tactical Roleplaying Game

February 7th, 2014, 03:07
Rippers: Rise of The Great One is a new Tactical RPG on Indiegogo asking for $250,000 to get funded. Here is a video and some game details.


Rippers: Rise of the Great One is a turn-based game for PC, Mac, and mobile devices, based on one of the most popular Savage Worlds roleplaying settings, Rippers. Players take the role of Victorian monster hunters, members of the shadowy secret society: the Rippers.
More information.
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February 7th, 2014, 03:07
Looks interesting, but they need to show the gameplay
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February 7th, 2014, 06:12
They are obviously not trying to get funded going for $250k on indiegogo in a fixed funded campaign.
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February 7th, 2014, 07:41
This definitely looks interesting and sounds like my kind of game, so I may even back it. However, I agree that it is going to be nigh impossible to get $250K on Indiegogo I know Skullgirls got $850K there but that was for expanding an existing game… what's the most a new game project ever got on IG?

They might have a chance on Kickstarter, but even that can be tough for an unknown developer. Perhaps they can try it on KS after this fails…
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February 7th, 2014, 11:45
Originally Posted by gandalf.nho View Post
Looks interesting, but they need to show the gameplay
+1 Gameplay video needed.
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